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Are your kids glued to the screen playing “Fortnite”? Or perhaps you caught Tyler “Ninja” Blevins starring in last week’s Super Bowl commercial for the NFL 100? Regardless of your familiarity (or lack thereof) with video games, esports (electronic sports) are starting ...

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After a successful 2018 holiday season, Amazon posted worldwide quarterly net sales growth of 20% to USD72.4 billion and operating income growth of 78%, or USD3.8 billion. Amazon’s net sales for fiscal year 2018 reached USD232.9 billion, up 31% year over year, and operating income was ...

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Last year we brought to you a flash guide to monetizing the moment by trading on interest around the Royal Wedding. This year, we’ve put together a comprehensive, week-by-week guide on other key moments for retailers and brands to activate around when it comes to merchandising and marketing. ...

Followers: 21, the bulk online retailer, is taking steps to further differentiate itself from Amazon in the consumables space. For the first three months of 2019, Boxed is reportedly serving as the exclusive seller of two new Coca-Cola products — 12 packs of Smartwater Alkaline and Smartwater ...

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Three Channels, Three Inflections

28 Jan 2019  By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 5, 2019 I’m already feeling a little bit winded, are you too? Retailer results for 2018 keep pouring in, leaving tea leaves to sift through in figuring out what 2019 and 2020 might shape up to become.  The number of big headline game-changing announcements ...

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The Online Holiday Paradox

14 Jan 2019  By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 3, 2019 January 14 is New Year’s Day for those who follow the Julian calendar. So, if I did not get a chance to wish you a Happy Gregorian New Year, please accept my Happy Julian New Year wishes. British retailers have a tradition of reporting their ...

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Q3 was another tough quarter for Rite Aid. Despite revenue for the quarter being $5.5 billion up versus the same time a year ago, the retailer still had a net loss of $17.3 million from continuing operations. Now focused on its future as a stand-alone entity following the 2018 collapse of its ...

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On Wednesday December 12th, Lowe’s held its biennial Investor and Analyst Conference. After a year of significant change in terms of leadership, financial priorities, and key initiatives, Lowe’s new leadership team announced a long-awaited, strategic plan to drive long-term growth ...

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Who is Number One?

17 Dec 2018  By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 51 Quick! Without thinking, write down the answer to this question: “Who is the Number One retailer in the world?” Now, go and ask five other people. Did everyone write down the same answer? Not long ago, that question was relatively easy to answer. ...

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