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Ingenious Innovations and Initiatives – July 2018

Reports of the death of the high street are greatly exaggerated, it’s undergoing a period of transformation and we look back at some of the best new stores from around the world.

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Delivering instant gratification: How retail is embroiled in a final mile speed war

10 Aug 2018

By: Maia Phillips

Shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding (expecting their goods anywhere, anytime, as soon as possible). Their shopping habits have changed, and new routes to consumers are disrupting traditional channels. These shifts are putting immense pressures on retailers’ supply chains.


Next’s H1 results look rosy, but what’s in store for H2?

6 Aug 2018

By: Anusha Couttigane

Next’s H1 results have surprised and pleased the industry in equal measure, but can investments in new data systems and a push for personalisation help it stay ahead of the game as we head towards Christmas?

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Capitalising on Wellness

With wellness set to exceed 17% growth through 2020, retailers and brands are developing new concepts and products that position them as experts. This deck examines how both brands and retailers alike are reacting to address this changing need among consumers.

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Key Customers in Europe: What you need to know

A quarterly deep dive into the latest retailer strategies across Europe, and the key implications for suppliers who want to stay in the know.

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Tesco tests marketing for its new format

3 Aug 2018

By: Derya Yildiz

As Tesco prepares for its new format launch in the coming weeks, the latest ads give an insight into the concept.


Drugstore channel evolution in Russia: Getting more from your neighborhood drugstore

31 Jul 2018

By: Vadim Khetsuriani

The drugstore channel in Russia has had a few turbulent years, troubled by recession, M&A, and payment terms uncertainties. As pharmacy chains come to terms with the new consumer and commercial realities, they realize a great need to transform the business.

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From convenience to micro convenience: Transforming stores to better serve missions

Convenience stores are adopting a ‘micro convenience’ strategy to differentiate their value proposition against competitors, and be on the pulse with the changing shopper needs.

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Shopper Investments – Home, Work, and Entertainment

30 Jul 2018

By: Ray Gaul

Some new thinking on how the sharing and gig economies impact shopper decisions based on segmentation related to “Home, Work, and Entertainment.”

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Carrefour Group Q2, H1 2018 Results Review

27 Jul 2018

By: Tudor Popa

Carrefour reported a shy performance in H1 2018 impacted by the implementation of the transformation plan and tough trading conditions. The context offers suppliers an opportunity to renew their relationship with Carrefour but also prompts for caution on the long-term.

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The 4Es of Italian Grocery

25 Jul 2018

By: Ray Gaul

Let’s go on a quick virtual tour of Italian grocery retailing. Most retailers and suppliers I speak to say that they do retail safaris in Italy to gain inspiration on how to do fresh food grocery retailing properly in other countries...