In partnership with Sainsbury’s, Netto have opened its first discounter store in the UK since selling its stores to Asda in 2010.

The new store located in Leeds features:

  • 2,000 SKUs
  • Three tiered private label structure - “Premieur” (a premium range), “Easy” (an UK-specific everyday range), as well as its standard private label range.
  • An in-store bakery, highlighting Danish roots, includes traditional pastries, tom's chocolate turtles, herring in curry sauce and blue cheese.
  • Fresh meat & produce and seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Weekly 'Spot Deals' on 60 branded food and non-food items
  • Over 100 most popular international brands including LEGO.  

Netto plans to open five stores in November followed by 10 more openings before summer 2015.