Amazon has introduced #AmazonWishList, a new hashtag that will allow shoppers to add items to their Amazon Wish list from Twitter. To add items to their list, shoppers can reply to any tweet with an Amazon product link using the hashtag. Once shoppers connect their Twitter and accounts they will begin receiving notifications from Amazon when the item is successfully added to their Wish List. The initiative builds off the recent launch of #AmazonCart which was introduced earlier this year. Additional features of Amazon Wish List include:

  • Save-A-Photo: New feature which lets shoppers take a picture of anything from anywhere and save it to their Amazon Wish List.
  • Universal Wish List Add-on: Lets shoppers add anything from any online site to their Amazon Wish List with a simple add-on available for any browser.
  • Don’t Spoil My Surpirses: Special feature which helps keep gifts a surprise by hiding purchased items from the Wish List creator. Only other shoppers will be able to see remaining items on an Amazon Wish List to avoid duplicate gifts.  
  • Virtual Notes: Lets shoppers save an idea to search for later by adding a virtual note to an Amazon Wish List.