Enticed by the growing popularity of ASDA’s Mum’s Eye View YouTube channel, brands like P&G and Unilever are looking for commercial opportunities within the retailer’s YouTube venture.

  • Keeping in view the interest of their prospective clients, the retailer has started adopting the measures to enhance concern video views and subscriber engagement, as these are the major factors to lure them.
    • It is focusing on content which is subscriber preferred rather than viewer as subscribers retention rate is higher as compared to viewers.
      • Subscribers accounts for 69% of views on the channel.
    • Subscribers preferred food content which accounts for 41% of the channel content whereas viewers preferred fashion and beauty vlog and haul content.
  • With focus on female shoppers aged 25-45 years, the retailer launched Mum’s Eye View in March 2014 and since then it has gained 750,000 views, 32,000 subscribers and over 36,000 likes, comments and shares through its eight videos.
    • Its subscriber base exceeds 55,000 and total views have crossed two million.