In order to strengthen its online marketing capabilities ASDA is trialling “shoppable” videos and e-commerce advertisements via its YouTube channel “Mums Eye View”, in continuation with its ongoing partnership with e-commerce service provider, Constant Commerce. Targeting on British audience, the channel offers various products such as beauty, fashion & food, and has over 54,000 subscribers with videos having half a million views.

  • Through its “shoppable” YouTube video, ASDA intends to cover two-thirds of its UK based shoppers and one-third of its US Walmart shoppers. It has added the shoppable feature in its videos to re-direct the US based shoppers to the Walmart shopping baskets. 
  • The shoppers can choose from a list of products shown alongside the videos on YouTube channel, can directly login to the retailer’s carter by clicking on any product and purchase without leaving the YouTube.