Mercadona has increased its original expansion plans which it announced at the beginning of 2014.
•    The retailer opened 35 new stores by the end of August 2014, with an investment amounting to EUR 175 Million and refurbished 22 stores.
•    Mercadona implemented the new concept “Ambiente” to the 2014 openings, introducing new sections of fresh baking, fish, fruit and vegetables. Mercadona has sourced 85% of the assortment from Spain amounting to an annual EUR 14,500 Million.
•    In 2014 the retailer highlighted its investments in human resources, training more than 21,000 workers for the remodeled fresh departments and dedicating EUR 15 Million for this purpose.
•    Mercadona currently operates 1,502 stores and had a 4% sales increase in 2013 with sales reaching EUR 19.8 Billion.