Tesco Direct has launched a new direct selling channel that gives shoppers a chance to win deals and rewards by sharing on its social network, tescodirect.co-buying.com. The move came after the successful launch of Tesco Wine Co-Buy site, launched in May 2013.

  • The new social network platform, created in partnership with technology company, Buyapowa, offers games and entertainment products. It will be extended to cover toys, home and electrical goods by Christmas 2014.
  • The platform, using customer referral marketing, allows the brands and retailers to design an e-commerce site to attract customers with new deals, lower prices and to earn rewards by sharing with friends and family.
    • It can also be tailormade to allow consumers to choose the products and offers that go live, offering different incentives on pricing or availability.
  • The new site has used the enhanced version of the simple price-step model used by the Wine Co-Buy site that sees the price of the co-buy fall as more people join.
    • It will offer free games, merchandising and bonus Clubcard points to the people who are best at sharing deals.
    • It goes live with pre-orders of Destiny, an open-world, multi-player sci-fi game that goes on sale on 9 September 2014 and is anticipated to be one of the big gaming launches of 2014.