Tesco Mobile, provider of mobile data services to over 4 million customers, is the first one to launch free fourth generation (4G) speed upgrade for its pay-as-you-go (PAYG) shoppers. The mobile virtual network operator uses O2’S band to provide mobile service.

  • All the existing prepaid data plans will be converted to the 4G speed plans, effective today.
  • New users can buy the 4G network service with data points from 500 Megabyte (MB) to 8 Gigabyte at the price of 3G services offered.
    • For those users who don’t want monthly plans can go for 10 pence per MB to use the data.
  • As a promotional initiative, it has offered 4G services to its existing monthly paid users free of cost.
  • The 4G speed for pay-as-you-go shoppers will be accessible on phones such as Motorola Moto G and Nokia Lumia 635, for GBP 139 and GBP 119 respectively on a SIM-free offer.