Leclerc has breached the 500 drives barrier in France and estimates reaching 587 units (up 140 y-o-y) and EUR 2.0 billion in sales at the end of 2014. In 2013 the format generated EUR 1.5 billion – 5% of Leclerc France’s sales – and currently holds 44% format market share and 20% share in the format’s total stores (close to 3000 to date).

With 57 new openings to date compared to 69 in 2013 Leclerc revised its original target of 800 drives by to 700 while currently closing in on the 1/1 drives to stores ratio. The feat is attainable as Leclerc is pioneering the star formation model where a central hub (a warehouse or large hypermarket) supplies close-by independent drive pick-up points.

Leclerc continued to increase the efficiency of the drive model by gradually improving its logistics leading to economies of scale which contribute to the format’s profitable operation.

Leclerc has also exported the drive model to Poland, where 10 of its 40 stores are trialing the format, and in Slovenia where it has opened one such store.